Registrar Frequently Asked Questions

About the Defichain Domain Registrar

How many transactions are required to register a .dfi name?

The registrar uses two transactions (commit and reveal) to register a name.

How long does it take to register a name using the .dfi registrar?

It takes less than 5 minutes to register a name, including a 1-minute delay between the first and second transactions to prevent frontrunning.

What happens if I have several Defichain Domain names with different renewal dates?

You can add registration years to many names at a time on your My Account page in the Defichain Domain Manager App.

How are funds from .dfi registration income used?

It's ultimately up to the keyholders to allocate the funds. We hope they will fund Defichain Domain ecosystems projects. If available funds exceed the reasonable needs of the Defichain Domain ecosystem, we hope other Ethereum projects will receive them.

Where can I manage all my Defichain Domain names?

Simply go to and click on "My Account".

Can I trade Defichain Domain domains on NFT exchanges?

Yes, .dfi names are tradeable as NFTs. While the NFT marketplaces infrastructure gets built on Defi Meta Chain, we have created our own dedicated Marketplace where you can trade your Defichain Domains.

How can I transfer domains registered in the .dfi registry to someone else?

You can do this using our Manager interface here, or using any tool with NFT support.

What prohibits large scale domain grabbing besides registration fees?

The cost of doing this is the only limitation in place.

What is the "registrant" and "controller" of a name?

The registrant is the account that owns the .dfi name. They can transfer ownership to another account, and they can replace the controller address. The registrant is the owner of the NFT token that represents the name.

The controller is the account that controls day-to-day operations with the name: creating subdomains, setting the resolver and records, and so forth.

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